One page fantasy roleplaying rules

Supplements to the core rules avaliable:

  • Supplement 1 – Dead Simple Game Mastering
  • Supplement 2 – Going Underground
  • Supplement 3 – Loot!
  • Supplement 4 – The Marketplace
  • Dead Simple – Supplement 5 The Village of Grobblet
  • Dead Simple – Supplement 6A The Denizens of the Dark
  • Dead Simple – Supplement 6B Dark Forests…
  • Dead Simple – Supplement 6C Death is only the beginning…
  • Dead Simple – The Tomb of St.Magnus Part 1

Additional SettingsEdit

17th Century EnglandEdit

Blood & Faith – Simple One Page Reformation RPG Rules

SF/Space Opera versionEdit

Blaster – Simple One Page SF RPG Rules

Designer: Forge of War Development Group

Link to RulesEdit

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