Fornovo to Sedgemoor

Rules for Tabletop Wargames AD 1450-1700

By Wes Rogers

This is a set of rules for playing tabletop wargames set in the Pike and Shot era of European history; from the end of the Wars of the Roses to the introduction of platoon firing under Marlborough. This is roughly from AD 1450 to 1700. Many of the game mechanics are based on those introduced in the Wargames Research Group 1685-1845 rules. A typical game will have 6-12 units per side and take about four hours to play.

The ground scale is 1 inch = 10 paces (about 25 feet) when using 25-30mm size figures and 1 inch = 13 paces (about 32 feet) when using 15-20mm size figures.

One model soldier represents 20 actual men. One cannon limber or wagon model represents 4 actual guns or wagons.

One move represents an undefined and variable amount of time. A typical game lasts 8-12 turns.

Fornovo to Sedgemoor

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