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Full ThrustEdit

The Tactical Starship Combat Rules! Simple, fast-play rules that can be used with any size of starfleet! Basic rules of play can be learned in just a few minutes! No referring to charts or tables required during play!

This new edition gives you all the fun of the original plus much more: Many new optional rules Complete ship contsruction and costing rules Campaign rules and battle scenarios Fully photo-illustrated Background detail and expanded ship statistics

Designer: Jon M Tuffley

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Full Thrust FAQ

Fleet Book OneEdit

This is the first volume of (at least) two Fleet Books that we intend to publish for FULL THRUST, to provide players with a resource of pregenerated ship designs that tie in with the GZG ranges of Starship Miniatures. This book concentrates on the major HUMAN fleets of the timeframe of the game background; volume 2 will cover the ALIEN forces (the Kra’Vak, the Sa’Vasku and maybe a few other races as well) and, time and interest permitting, we may also do a volume 3 that will cover minor nationalities and miscellaneous ships.

Designer: Jon M Tuffley

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Fleet Book TwoEdit

When we published Fleet Book Volume 1 in 1998, we promised there would be a second book to cover the alien races in the Full Thrust universe; well, after two years, here it is! This book contains full rules, design systems and pre-designed ship stats for three different alien races - the Kra'Vak, the Sa'Vasku and the Phalons. Those of you who have a copy of MORE THRUST, the first supplement for Full Thrust that we produced, will recall that early versions of the rules and backgrounds for the Kra'Vak and the Sa'Vasku were originally published in that supplement. At the time, the "MT" version Kra'Vak were actually very over-powered for their points value, which led to unbalanced games, and the MT Sa'Vasku rules were only ever intended as some experimental suggestions for players to try out.

Designer: Jon M Tuffley

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or then select Rules on the Menu

More ThrustEdit

Superseded by Fleet Books 1 & 2- if link located please insert here.

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Full Thrust liteEdit

For a simplier/lighter version of Full Thrust try Full Thrust Lite

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