Home Before The Leaves Fall
Designer Mark Dudley
Type of Game "Strategic" - Division and Army economic/diplomacy significant
Type of Dice d4, d6 ,d8, d10, d12, d20


A Piquet supplement designed to re fight large scale games of the early campaigns of the Great War. Included in these rules are 4 separate scenarios covering France, Galicia, Balkans and East Prussia and 2 scales Divisional and Corps. With these rules you will be able to recreate the Grand Strategic moves of the opening campaigns of 1914.



Rules (ODT):File:PK_Great_War_v16.odt

Rules (PDF):File:PK_Great_War_v16.pdf

Maps (ODP): File:HBTLF_Maps.odp

Maps (PDF): File:HBTLF_Maps.pdf

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