• Mounted 9"
  • Foot 6"
  • Move in any direction no long winded manouvers!
  • One side moves 1 piece then the other side, although I move them in 4(s)

Firing weapons

  • Crossbow range 7" and below 3 coin flips to kill
  • Crossbow range 4" and below 2 coin flips to kill
  • Bow range 9" and below 3 coin flips to kill
  • Bow range 4" and below 2 coin flips to kill

Melee combat strength

  • Mounted with lance 3
  • Mounted with any other weapon 2
  • Foot with pik/pole 2
  • Foot with any other weapon 1

Resolving Combat

If Melee values of attacking and defending piece are equal flip a coin to decide who dies.

For every extra melee point attacker has flip coin again if heads defender dies if tails no action. I stick to the rule: resolve no more than 1-4 defending units at a time no matter how many attack. So in effect the greater the number of attackers will overwhelm a smaller force! this leads to advanced strategies to outnumber your opponent!!!

eg: 2 attackers with total combat stength of 4, and 1 defender with combat strength of 2, just flip coin twice any heads come up he's dead. breakdown each little battle by defenders the less defenders the more realistic, never use more than four defenders but you can attack 1 or more defenders with many units as you like! Sequence of Play

  1. Resolve Melee
  1. Fire all missiles
  1. Side A moves 4 units
  1. Side B moves 4


  1. Side A move 4
  1. Side B move 4
  1. Side A move 4
  1. Side B move 4
  1. Resolve melee
  1. Fire all missiles
  1. Repeat step 3 to 10 until victory!

These rules promote Large scale attacks and combat can be resolved in seconds, giving a fluid game!

How simple can rules be? use the same principal for other types of game , and other types of weapons, remember over complicate and you will be looking a pieces of paper and rolling dice etc..

by Mark Ainswoth

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