As far as I'm concerned, Stargrunt II (SGII) is a great set of rules and I've made as few changes as possible, except to try and align 40K terminology with SGII. However one addition I have made is allowing rerolls of some dice in some circumstances. These rerolls do not change the SGII rules but allow for a little more flexibility.

Some examples include:

  • A Targeter is a 40K enhanced weapon sight. It allows the firer to reroll the Quality die and take the higher result when firing at a point target. The total number of dice rolled is still two (Quality + Firepower) but the reroll means the firer has a better chance of scoring a hit.
  • The Preferred Enemy rule allows a model's Quality die to be rerolled in assault combat against the listed enemy.
  • Twin-linked weapons may roll two Firepower dice and take the higher score. Only one of the dice count when totalling up hits.

The following minor deletions have been made:

  • The mass of abbreviations (SAW, GMS/L, RFAC, MICV, IAVR etc). I realise these are based on real-world military terms but they gave me a headache trying to get my brain around them and made SGII less fun to read.
  • The medical facilities built in to suits of SGII Power Armour. In SGII, this "second-chance saving throw" would be incorporated into Power, Terminator, Aspect, Crisis and Broadside suits and be far too widespread to allow a balanced game.
  • Ammunition limits for heavy weapons like missile launchers. SGII assumes real-world sizes and carrying capacities. 40K says that 30000+ years of weapon development has made these things smaller but equally powerful. I side with 40K in this case.

Designer: Colin Brett

Link to RulesEdit

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