This is a set of modifications to the Shock Force rules by Demonblade, based on the film by Paul Verhoeven. If you haven't seen the film go and rent it now! The film was based vaguely on the book of the same name by Robert Heinlein. There is very little similarity between the two. The rules are based on the film, not the book. I will not be doing rules for the stuff in the book. I may in the future do rules for stuff from the T.V. series though. Some of that is already in... look for the Power Armour in the Item section!

To play the game you will also need a copy of the Shock Force rules. I have chosen to base the game on these rules as they are very simple and very, very fast. They tend toward quick bloody battles, and that is exactly what is needed! You will need about 12 six sided dice, a Games Workshop scatter dice (this has "HIT" on two sides and arrows on each of the other four sides) and a tape measure in inches.

Designer: R.C.Heath

Link to RulesEdit

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