There are many sets of Spaceship wargame rules on the Internet so why have these been written?

Well, I wanted a set of rules that could handle lots of ships in large fleets. They would use counters that I could design myself. Lots of sets of rules use long winded paper stats for the ships that have to be constantly updated. (I'm not really interested in if a particular ship has lost one point of shield or has lost one of its' 20 weapons. If you do, then I'm sorry these rules are not for you).

I wanted the combat system to be simple but also to allow better ships to be more effective in combat.

I also wanted a set of rules that could use the V map program. (For those who haven't comeacross this program - it is designed for playing wargames by e-mail and is FREE!).These rules were inspired by many sets of rules, like Warp War and various board games

Designer: Pete Jones

Link to RulesEdit


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