Stalker: Oblivion Lost is designed to be skirmish game for 28mm set in a science fiction/post apocalyptic setting. While players will command multiple troops, the focus is more on individual figures, equipment and abilities, than large scale combined arms battles. Thus the detail level is greater and games will emphasize combat more at the sharp and bitter end amidst the grime of blasted rubble and twisted steel than a detached God’s eye view of an entire war zone. 10 – 15 figures per side is the maximum suggested force size.

This game follows many standard conventions used in other rule sets, however the intention here is to streamline and simplify mechanics to keep the game as fast, fun, and intuitive as possible, without sacrificing the importance of real world tactics. Also, an effort is made here to accommodate a variety of manufacturer’s figures, rather than constrain players to any one particular line. Thus players will have to assign game stats, gear, and abilities that are appropriate and consistent with the particular miniatures they wish to use. Designer: Dentatus

Link to RulesEdit

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