While "Star Cruiser" (SC) board game introduced space combat to the 2300AD universe, the rules did not lend themselves to replaying large-scale fleet engagements of the Kafer War. Since they were written as an add-on to the role playing rules, each ship's damage had to be tracked using a fairly intricate control sheet to determine its impact on the player characters on board. While this was not a problem when only a couple of ships on each side were engaged, the sheer amount of paperwork made replaying larger battles an extremely lengthy and tedious undertaking.

The Star Cruiser Lite (SCL), very loosely based on GZG's Full Thrust (FT) miniature rules, is intended to bridge that gap and provide a set of rules which would permit each player to easily control a large number of ships and finish a large battle in one sitting. This is a complete set of rules, although ownership of Full Thrust/More Thrust and 2300AD/Star Cruiser is recommended. It may be played either on a table top (consider all distances to be inches) or on a hex grid (all distances in hexes), preferably a large one.

Designer: Mike J

Link to RulesEdit

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