If you've ever been intrigued by that game of futuristic land combat by a company whose name rhymes with "Hames Nerkslop," but were put off by the cost of figures or the time and skill needed to paint them, this game might be just the ticket. Instead of expensive figures, you use free downloadable counters. Instead of a large gaming table filled with hand-made scenery, you use my M7 maps. If you want a bigger army or a larger map, just download another page and print it. Time-consuming movement and combat rules have been replaced with fast-playing hex-based rules. And all the occult stuff in the original game has been replaced with... nothing at all.

If you're unfamiliar with that game, the premise is straightforward: buy soldiers, vehicles and weapons with the build-points given to you, then fight an enemy of a different alien race. You can also "buy" experience or special skills for your troops, or add a Hero if you think he will help. Some races excel at crunching close combat, while some prefer a fast-moving style; some fight in low-tech swarms, and others prefer high-tech gadgets. Vehicles range from one-man scout bikes to hulking super-tanks. The size of the battle can be a squad of foot soldiers, or a company of 150-plus men with dozens of vehicles, or anything in between. Several basic scenarios are provided with the rules. Almost everything is definable.

Designer: Michael Fischer

Link to RulesEdit

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