Star Mogul

The game setting takes place around 2450 AD and is all about each player creating their own salvage company out on the wild frontiers of known space, maintaining it like a business through adversity and hopefully to the heights of success. With crew members to pay wages to and equipment to buy and maintain for your crew to use, you will find yourself running out of money quickly if you cannot find a way to earn some hard cash out on the wild frontiers of the Outer Rim.

You (the salvage company boss) will create your company from the meager funds you have accumulated through years of gritty adventuring in space. Once you have attracted a suitable set of crew members and purchased the equipment you think you will need to start out in your new profession, it will be time to begin chasing rumors and news reports of lost space colonies, crashed star freighters or alien artifact sites. Though don’t think it will be as easy as just arriving and collecting anything valuable! There are many other salvage companies and opportunists out there who are also desperate for a quick cash haul. You will be competing against them for your share of any valuables, and that means you are going to have to get nasty. You will need the best equipment and finest crew to succeed.

Designer: Rod and Heidi Tyson

Link to RulesEdit

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