Starcraft Tactical Miniatures Combat

Starcraft: Tactical Miniatures Combat is a game of skirmish-based combat set in the Starcraft Universe. This game was created by Neuicon and Sean Daniels, and play-tested over a period of time. The rules are fun, exciting and very simple to understand. If you have ever played Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures or Star Wars Miniatures, then you should know what to expect.

Miniature size any will do, but preferably mounted on a 20-25mm base. EM-4 also makes decent Terran Marine type miniatures and obviously, GW’s Nids. The minis from the board game, if one can be found nowadays would work, too!

Welcome to the second editon of Starcraft:Tactical Miniatures Combat! This has ben a long time in the making, but it has finaly come to pas, and we’re excited about the final release of this new second editon!

This newly updated version of the game moves onward in the Starcraft storyline and now contains al of the units found in Starcraft I:Wings of Liberty and stil uses the very easy to understand d20 rules system, so if you play or know how to play a typical d20 role playing game or the Dungeons & Dragons or even Star Wars miniatures games, then you know how to play Starcraft: Tactical Miniatures Combat.

Updated changes make this system much easier to play, making it even simpler than the original first editon, so think of how quickly you’l be able to lay waste to your enemy’s oposing force on the batlefield!

Thanks for trying out this latest update in thegame and we hope you enjoy this new work and have fun playing it on a tabletop

Designer: Neuicon

Link to RulesEdit

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