Rules for the Film and TV Series of Stargate

These Stargate rules are meant for a fun, uncomplicated game based loosely on the missions of SG1 in the TV series. They derive a lot from Ian Becks old Pony Wars rules and adaptation from our Starship Troopers rules, themselves derived from Richard Heaths Bugs rules. There’s even some adapted stuff from the old Killzone Grenadier set in the hand to hand section.

In our Stargate rules all the players play members of SG1. (Up to 5 players are possible, or 6 if you give Doctor Frasier a medivac team, or 7 if General Hammond leads a rescue mission) Random generators, reaction tests and common sense handle the Goa’uld enemies.

Designer: Stargate Gamers Yahoo Group

Link to RulesEdit



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