Steel Rain

Steel Rain© is a free set of generic wargaming rules for sci-fi armor battles. I specifically wrote these for use with 1/285, 1/300, and 6mm miniatures (these terms are basically synonymous), such as GHQ’s excellent line of Micro Armor miniatures, Brigade Models’ line of Iron Cow miniatures, or Ground Zero Games’ Dirtside/Future Wars models.

These rules are basic, covering most aspects of warfare encountered in company-level engagements (at least, I like to think so). They were written to support company to battalion/task force sized engagements, but since I haven’t play-tested them, I’m not sure how scaleable the rules will be.

There are plenty of gaps and I invite you to fill those in as you see fit. I’ve also created a set of vehicle creation rules that are pretty straight forward; I think that most players will be able understand and use them with very little effort.

I’ve envisioned using the Steel Rain© rules on a terrain table, not a hex map. That’s why all values are given in centimeters instead of hexes. If you want to increase the scale, use inches; the values will still translate. Or, you can use a hex map and just translate all values into hexes.

Designer: Andreas Udby

Link to RulesEdit

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