Street fight is a fast and simple rules set for games involving small units or single figures. games should be short and simple and not more than an hour long in most cases. any figures can be used as there is no great complexity in weapons or abillities. a gaming surface of any size would suffice but a medium sized table of about 4 feet square would be about the best for fast, action packed skirmishes and while not necessary any sort of scenary will make games much more interesting and tactically challenging. the spirit of the rules is fun and rule picking is not recomended because the rules are basic and simplified for ease of play and enjoyment, intense examination and dissection will ruin any games played. the system runs on 10 sided dice or D10's and any tape or measure with inches on it will do for range purposes. These rules have not yet been playtested and are still very much in their infancy.

Designer: Whirling Hobo of Doom

Link to RulesEdit

File:Street fight.pdf

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