TAC-ANT is a tactical level, ant to ant combat simulation designed for use with tabletop miniatures. The game represents the constant war and struggle between genetically different ant colonies as they quest for food. You, the player, represent the supreme commander of a colony as you control every detail of their war. From the level of conflict to the types of weapons carried by each soldier. Life, death and the very existence of a entire colony rest upon your shoulders.

TAC-ANT represents small to medium sized battles usually ranging from 20 to 200 units per side. The rule structure is simple enough for fast game play but detailed enough for individual unit characterization.

There are two types of ant Formicidae in the basic game that have been at war for many years and are deadly rivals. There are many more colonies that can be represented in the game, each with their own unique style and culture.

Designer: GARY B GILL

Link to RulesEdit

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