Taktika came about when I met a few fella's in '90. It seemed that we all hated the complicated rules of some of the space miniature combat systems that were, and still are, popular today. Very popular. The rules were complex, many long and arduous hours were required to study the rules, create units and play. It seemed that people had turned miniature combat into a crappy RPG. Well, I am here to take it back.

Taktika uses few rules and the combat system is very basic. It focuses on tactics and the joy of miniatures. In just a few turns, you will never have to refer to the rules except in dire circumstances. The game is great for beginners and a breath of fresh air for experienced players. I have had people that have never played miniature games or RPG's and they were kicking ass in less than 10 minutes.

Probably one of the best and most unique designs of Taktika are the models. You can use any type of 25mm-28mm models. In fact you can use any type of miniatures, just remember that the scale is 1' = 6 feet. I use all sizes of battlemechs for vehicles and walkers, Warhammer 40k, Living Steel, Heavy Gear and a varity of odd miniatures. Just decide what type of unit you want and create the stats.

Designer: Ghillie

Link to RulesEdit

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