I created Taktika about 6 years ago cause WH40k annoyed me. I wanted a game that let me employ tactics, not rules. The best thing about Taktika is that it can be used with any type of space figs. You can mix WH40k, Living Steel and Heavy Gear figs if you want. Hell, I use Battletech Mechs for robots! I have one of those ED209's from Robocop. He stands about 8" tall and makes a great walker. Anyway, these rules let you focus on playing the game. It is a great teaching tools that teaches you to employ tactics like letting the fast troops move up to secure, the medium troops to hold and the artillery to support. Who gives a shit if it's a MA41 pulse rifle or a Potato gun in the miniatures hands. Who cares if your using high quality painted figs, or plastic army men.

Then I thought to myself, hell I want more! So I converted the original Taktika rules to be used with 5mm space figs. These figs are the same size as Warhammer’s Epic dudes. The ranges may seem longer in 5mm than 25mm and they are. But the same holds true for Warhammer 40k and Epic. This just makes the game more playable. Also, you’ll notice that there are two listings for everything. The first is for 5mm figs; the second is for 15mm figs. 15mm figs are the same ones used for such games as Heavy Gear. Anyway, as always enjoy it.

Designer: BRIAN GILL

Link to RulesEdit

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