Four teams of ardent explorers are racing into unknown parts of Africa in search of glory and riches beyond measure. Guided by hearsay, rumors, and third hand information each party will attempt to conquer the unyielding environment and plunge into the heart of darkest Africa.

The Game begins with each of the four teams outfitting their expedition. Then the teams will move through the "uncharted" wilderness using rules that are a blend of Avalon Hill's "Source Of The Nile" and Larry Brom's "The Sword And The Flame". Exploring, hunting, natives, natural, and other disasters will all have to be dealt with.

The Game Table- The Game Table is set up with a 6' x 6' square in the center and a 3' x 6' table projecting out from the center of each side. The teams will know that there is a mountain range where the narrow table meets the main table and the terrain 1 foot in from the far edge, but they will know nothing about what lies in between.

Each approach table will start with a different terrain type. The following four terrain types should be used; Veldt, Swamp, Jungle, and Desert.

Designer: Chris Ferree

Link to RulesEdit

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