This page is devoted to miniature gaming of the epic battle of the siege of Minas Tirith, as described in Tolkien's The Return of the King. For several years, I have worked on putting together a scenario for wargaming the siege of Minas Tirith using 25mm scale miniatures. This page will show interested people what I have done, and perhaps may help folks who want to create their own Minas Tirith game scenario.

I have run the scenario seven times. It is a big undertaking, and requires about 5 to 7 hours to complete. I use about 600 miniatures in the scenario. So far, the Dark Lord has won four times, and the forces of Good have won three times. The Dark Lord has the advantage of overwhelming numbers. The forces of Good have better quality troops, and the protection of the great fortress of Minas Tirith to shelter them from the evil hordes.

Designer: Kai Larson

Link to RulesEdit

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