The Universal Combat System (UCS) is an expandable miniatures battle system. The UCS is a system of combat rules meant for any number of players in an infinite amount of settings.

The players determine what kind of universe their games will be set in, whether it's classic fantasy or even modern warfare. The UCS provides the basic template for the game, and the players work out the details of what types of units will be involved in the campaigns. Players can adjust certain rules to fit the setting and units they have chosen for their games.

You can compare this system to being the game master for any tabletop RPG. Like in an RPG, the core rulebook sets the rules for the game while the players create the world they will be playing in. There are many different ways to use miniatures in the UCS system. For example, if you were playing a modern warfare game, you could use plastic army men, tanks etc. You could use any miniatures from any other game, they fit seamlessly into the UCS system. You could even play using ordinary objects from around the house! Spare change, dominoes, chess pieces, ANYTHING.

There are no specific miniatures to buy for this game, which saves you the hassle of buying and painting expensive miniatures. With a little imagination virtually any small object in the world can become part of a UCS based army.

Designer: Jesse Carlucci

Link to RulesEdit

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