This system is designed to give you a wargame that is a bit more interesting than the usual equal-points matches. Instead, unequal forces fight on-table, while their allies try to make it to the table either to seal the doom of or relieve the out-numbered side

Each player splits his forces into three groups, which may be of equal or varying sizes. These go off to three different locations marked on a simple map. A battle on the table is fought using figures, and this represents one of the three possible engagements. The other two engagements may be resolved with a single die roll during the main wargamed-out battle, and it is possible that reinforcements may arrive during the game, from one or two of these off-table forces. This means that it is usually the case that the battle on-table is between forces of different strengths. The weaker side defends, and is the more likely of the two to be reinforced during the game, and this adds a lot of character and interest to the game. Especially when the game is part of a campaign, it can be wise to retreat before destruction to save forces for later encounters.

Designer: Lloyd

Link to RulesEdit

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