This is a game about mecha combat on the company scale. It arises Text in this style constitutes explanations and examples; it may be used to illustrate rules but does not form part of the rules. From the author’s experiences playing and dissatisfaction with a variety of games, principally BattleTech. In particular, it is designed to take advantage of the BattleTech ’Mech design system, allowing a wide variety of units to be available for play after conversion to these rules.

It is assumed that you will have some BattleTech map boards. Any hex maps would probably do. Given the nature of the game, terrainheavy maps are recommended at first. One element is a single unit of manoeuvre, represented by a single token on the board: one ’Mech, one vehicle, one infantry squad/section. A unit is a higher organisational level, consisting of multiple elements or multiple units.

This game is primarily about ’Mechs, though other vehicles and infantry are also supported. Rules apply to all classes of element unless noted otherwise. For this purpose, Vehicles are non-’Mech vehicular elements; Infantry are non-vehicular elements. All rounding is to the nearest integer, up on 0.5, unless otherwise stated.

This initial edition of the game is designed to support ’Mechs, vehicles and infanty, using the original BattleTech technology base (the “Introductory” rules level, or the original BattleTech and CityTech boxed games), with some support for later items; be aware that it may be absent or may only exist in stub form. It is intended that full support for advanced technologies will be added in an incremental process. Until then, go carefully: here be dragons.

Designer: Roger Bell West

Link to RulesEdit

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