This is a squad-level combat system for miniatures (15 to 30 mm or so); my third take on the subject. Previous ones are Men Down (detailed) and Wasted (less detailed than Men Down). This is my simplest yet and arguably best. Quite a few details have been picked off from the previous games to speed up play. I still may add some complications as playtests progress or critique pours in.

Trenched concentrates on squads but doesn't streamline things to a point where only broad strokes of combat are determined.

This document is a basic reference kit. It explains the rules quickly, and offers little in the way of exampletroops, -weapons, -armor or -vehicles. Skipping the babble on tactical gaming in general, tactics and all that other filler stuff - as a writer - you'd skip anyway at this point in a commercial product - as a reader - let's get gaming.

Designer: Joonas Laakso

Link to RulesEdit

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