To play Über Five soldiers and one or two übers you should be enough for you to try out the rules. The setting for über is that of our world during World War II, but with a good dose of pulp and steriods

The game revolves around super-soldiers that for convenience we will call über regardless of their nationality. They will be the core of your army, and their number depends on the number of points used for an army.

Über uses dice d6, d8, d10 and d12. The key point is that each troop type uses a type of die use a certain die type. When you need to roll a dice, it should be understood that the type of die depends on the troop selected to have a turn. Basically, the stronger a character the larger the dice. This also reflects the superhuman nature of übers.

Designer: Vladd Jünger

Link to RulesEdit

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