Void rulebook

Void 1.1 is an exciting, fast paced miniature tabletop battle system designed for 2 or more players. The game is set in a universe where the human homeworlds of Viridia, Ironglass and Prime battle for colonies in the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Meanwhile VASA, the policing body of panhumanic space, tries to keep in check the ambitions of these imperialistic homeworlds. However, the emergence of the alien Koralon brings a new threat, and what remains to be seen is whether humanity can put aside its petty rivalries to see off this menace, or become another victim of the aliens

The streamlined Void 1.1 game lets you dive straight into the action, no more hours spent just moving on the first turn. The rules for shooting and close combat are simple, fast and deadly, just watch the body count rise as rival forces engage. Void 1.1's distinctive 'alternate unit' turn system keeps players focused and interested, there's no time hanging about waiting for your opponent to move all his troops! The turn system also allows you to easily play games with three, four, or more opposing forces, so you and your friends can all play together.

Designer: John Robertson and John Grant

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