I designed this game for myself. Therefore it has things I've always enjoyed or wanted to see in other space games (fog and friction, cinematic play, energy allocation) and avoids things I didn't ("real" vector movement, overly-complex ship design, aliens with cosmetic blemishes on their foreheads). The game also features compromises, but compromises I was comfortable with. In short it may not be the perfect space game out there, but it's the perfect game for me. I'm offering these rules because maybe someone out there shares my tastes in spaceship gaming and will appreciate another free game system.

War In Space uses written orders in the form of standard playing cards. The cards represent how a starship captain intends to allocate his vessel’s energy. A dice roll determines whether sufficient energy gets produced and correctly distributed to meet the commander’s intent. Damage from enemy attacks changes the type of dice rolled, reducing the average amount of energy produced, and may even prohibit certain cards from being played.

Designer: Solipsist Gaming

Link to RulesEdit

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