Warpath is a sci-fi small-action wargame set in Mantic’s fictional galaxy at war. Warpath is a game that is easy to learn and fast to play, yet will take time and experience to master. With few and simple rules, there is little to get in the way of the fun and slaughter.

The game system uses an intriguing unit activation system that will keep both players on their toes and force them to make some difficult choices to outwit their opponent. And that’s not all – like all Mantic wargames, Warpath has been designed to allow you to use a stopwatch or a chess clock to time your moves. As the seconds tick away, the pressure and excitement build up, giving you an extra dimension of gameplay and an extra resource to manage during the battle.

The Corporation - The galaxy is burning. The malevolent human Corporation is expanding its sphere of influence, annexing more and more star systems to its territories, bringing every alien civilization it can under its control. Or, if this proves impossible, exterminating them.

Marauders (Orx) - Wherever there is war you will find the Marauders (Orx). Hulking, muscled alien brutes who revel in combat, Marauders are employed as mercenaries by all the major powers in the galaxy. For a Marauder chieftain, it does not matter who you fight or why, only how much you can pay.

Forge Fathers - The ancient and proud culture of the Forge Fathers has managed to retain its independence from the Corporation while others have fallen. Masters of science, artisans beyond compare, the Forge Fathers are the only aliens to trade with the Corporation on anything approaching even terms.

Veer-Myn - Wherever mankind has gone, rats have shortly followed. The Veer-myn are the latest manifestation of this unwitting partnership.

Designer: ALESSIO CAVATORE - Mantic Games

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