Warzone is a two-player wargame set int he universe of Mutanat Chronicles.

Warzone takes place in a fictional dieselpunk future in which a space faring humanity has explored beyond Pluto and has uncovered artifacts which unleashed an evil entity known as the 'Dark Soul' and a magic force known as 'Dark Symmetry'. This is a force which corrupts both man and complex machines (chips and beyond), and has sent its own minions, consisting of legions of undead and aliens in an attempt to conquer humanity. In light of the corruption, human technological and social progress has largely halted. Most people are citizens of one of the major megacorporations, who have colonized the inner planets of the solar system, and who fight against each other when not fighting the evil forces of the Dark Soul. The Earth has become known as Dark Eden following global apocalypse, and is home only to tribal survivors. ref:

Designer: Bill King

Link to RulesEdit

Extensive library of Warzone Material

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