Weird War

A fan expansion for Nuts! by Two Hour Wargames for the Weird WW2.

The sinister reputation of the German war machine in World War II lends itself well to the weird, pulp influenced word. It also takes the pulp miniature gaming to a level of total war, which makes it much easier to war game. As such, after playing a handful of games of NUTS! within the standard WWII backdrop, I felt it was time to explore the possibilities.


In the darkest of dungeons the German war machine sets about its research in attempt to further the cause of the Reich. There they develop not only super weapons and armour, but also super natural weapons and killing machines… As a consequence, this alternative history World War II takes on a distinctly difference flavour from the World War II we all grew up learning about.

In this version of history the Germans and Allies bring armoured walkers to the battlefield along with their tanks. Initially the armoured walkers were designed to provide infantry support only (as were tanks in the real conflict) but quickly they took on a purpose all their own and were deployed on every front throughout the war.

Along with the armoured walkers, the Germans and allies introduced armoured fighting suits. These suits basically made each soldier that wore them into very maneuverable light armoured vehicles, and ultimately filled the gap between armour and infantry! Soldiers were not only fitted with armour however, but also rocket packs. Rocket packs allowed infantry to move even more quickly to the battlefield than paratroopers. As well these rockets allowed troopers to move around the battlefield with great speed, and they often turned the tide of many battles!

Designer: Unknown

Link to RulesEdit

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