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The Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game is a miniature combat game, where clubs of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen, as well as shadowy organisations and agents of obscure powers, solve their disputes by blade and gunshot rather than discussion. Each game represents a point where paths of two or more such clubs cross while they work on the same goal, but for opposite purpose. As such, the careful deduction and data gathering as well as social meetings that led them to this point are left for Wolsung Roleplay narrative; A game of Wolsung Skirmish represents the point where the outcome is decided by a keen eye, reflexes and a bit of luck.

Wolsung presents an alternative version of our world at the end of the 19th century, a version strongly influenced by adventure novels, penny dreadfuls, action movies, video games and comic books. The world is familiar enough, so you will not feel out of place, and at the same time it has the freshness, dash and magic that will compel you to explore it during your game sessions. The World Tour presents the setting of the game: its history, geography, technology, as well as details on everyday life in the daring times of Magical-Industrial Revolution.

Ash and Oak Club - Ash and Oak is a world famous Lyonesse club for Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen. The club is renowned for its elegant, calm atmosphere, a well-stocked cellar and interesting lectures held in its chambers every month. All the members derive from the social elite. They do not have to be aristocrats or insanely rich industrialists – it is enough for them to be well-born, wealthy and famous.

Inventors - Any scientist who independently designed and constructed a brand new, unique invention can become a club member. Of course, they still have to present it before the club presidium and survive the inevitable onslaught of negative comments. Since the prevalent inventions are usually golems or new types of weapons and powered armor, and the ones presenting tend not to respond well to criticism, the hearings of the candidates are often... interesting. The percentage of fatal accidents is relatively low, though, and the club is slowly growing.

Triad of Lotus Dragon - Officially, what the Triad of Lotus Dragon does is teach martial arts, look out for immigrants from the Dragon Empire and promote Shangese culture. Unofficially, it also deals in extortion, prostitution, art smuggling, industrial espionage and black lotus trade. Pothill residents see no problem with that. The rest of Lyonesse have a different opinion, however.

Designer: Micro Art Studio

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