ZOMBIES & SURVIVORS is the free downloadable fast play ‘fun’ Zombie game from Grekwood Miniatures. This game guide has all the information required to start playing the zombie apocalypse.

This isn’t a hard and irrevocable game system written in stone –that’s not how we work, we prefer to give ideas and let you decide what you want to use –or not. YOUR MISSION SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO ACCEPT IT…

Basically there are two types of character, or playing pieces, in this game; Zombies and Survivors. Zombies are well…. Zombies. They’re the ‘living dead’, corpses that have become reanimated and refuse to stay dead like a decent corpse should. As such, they hate all things human, or at least all living humans, whom they try to eat whenever the opportunity arises. Zombies will attack any human on sight –or smell….. MMmmm…. roast chicken!

The Survivors are…. You’ve guessed it…., the people that haven’t become zombies or been eaten by them. Their task is simply to stay alive and destroy as much of the zombie plague as they can before they end up as zombie food or worse, become zombies themselves.., urgggh!!

Designer: Keith Sutherwood

Link to RulesEdit


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